French Dancing Artists to arrive for Festival

The Muckno Mania Festival Programme has been boosted by the visit of a troupe of French Dancers from the towns twinned town of Marseillan in the South East of France.

Les Gazelles as they are known are a group of dancers who mainly perform traditional can can routines as well as using modern choreographed selections creating plenty of Flair and Colour.

The girls arrive on Friday 7th July and will be performing at various times over the course of the weekend and are sure to turn a few heads with their high kicks, splits and cartwheels.

The group will be accompanied by the Deputy Mayor, Annie Kelly, who had been a frequent visitor to the town and who will also act as interpreter during the course of their stay in the town.

Castleblayney town are officially twinned with Marseillan since April 2013 when both Castleblayney Mayor Aidan Campbell and Marseillan Town Mayor Yves Michel signed the charter.

In 2014 the second signing of the charter was completed in Castleblayney. This time the then Mayor Gary Carville co-signed with Mayor Yves Michel since then there have been numerous reciprocal visits between civic leaders, individuals, groups, musicians and business leaders. These have also included a four day visit to Castleblayney by a twenty strong group of army veterans and quite recently members of the Lisnagrieve Pipe Band travelled out to Marseillan to perform at their Easter Celebrations.

Other projects and visits including a promotional photography exchange, student exchanges and festival linkages have also been facilitated by both towns. 

Marseillan which borders the Mediterranean Sea and has splendid beaches is also renowned for its fish, wines and tourism.  Furthermore it boasts 300 sunny days in a year.